About us

Introducing People to the REAL JESUS

Presentando a la gente al VERDADERO JESÚS


A lot of people know about the historical man named Jesus in our part of the world. Many would tell you they love Jesus. They grew up in church and show up every Easter. They have Bibles in their homes. Scriptures are hanging on their walls. Jesus seems to be a big part of their lives. He’s just not the center. Their lives are not that much different than everyone else’s.


What if more is possible? What if Jesus is bigger than you think He is? Better than you think He is? More loving than you think He is? More gracious than you think He is? What if there's a joy and a peace available to you that you dare not imagine?


Our mission at MCC Ministries is to introduce people to the REAL JESUS! The real Jesus is so much more than a consultant offering you a better life. He is so much more than a hero to admire or a teacher to emulate. Jesus is the very power that created the Universe. He is the center of all things and the One for whom all things exist.




Our Values



Who we believe and what we believe we are what dictates how we operate in life. We have a passion for connecting people to their true identity in God, so that they can explore the fullness of the life they have been created to experience. Knowing God is key to understanding our own identity and being comfortable in our own skin.


Kingdom Culture

We are a church that is partnered with the values of the King and His kingdom, seeing His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. We believe as sons and daughters of God that we are the living expressions of that kingdom and that expression is what effects culture and the world around us.



Family means that church is an extension of our heavenward home, a place where everyone is welcome wherever they're at in the journey of faith. Family is the place where we are encouraged to develop and grow in our faith in a safe environment, where community and communication are valued.

His Presence

We value our Father’s presence above all else and are committed to intimacy through the Word, prayer, worship and encounter. Out of intimacy flows revelation and identity. Out of identity flows purpose and meaning.

It's easy.

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Location & Times

We aim to create a space that's relaxed and welcoming, where you can easily connect with people  and encounter God.

What We Believe

  • The one true and living God who eternally exists in three persons in unity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • The Divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Scripture.


  • The original perfection of creation; the inherent corruptness of humanity through the Fall; the necessity of repentance and regeneration by grace and through faith in Christ alone, and the eternal separation from God of the finally unrepentant.


  • The virgin Birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant Resurrection, ascension and continuing intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Second Coming, and eternal Kingdom reign.


  • The justification and sanctification of believers through the finished work of Christ, their security as they remain in Him, and their future resurrection in an incorruptible body.


  • The Sacrament of Baptism by immersion, and of the Lord's Supper.


  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit for believers with supernatural signs, empowering the Church for its mission in the world.

  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Church and ministry to the world.

  • Christ's leadership of the Church through the ascension ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers for the unity, maturity, and growth of the Church.

  • The privilege and responsibility of wise stewardship of all that God has given, including the practice of tithing to the local church.

  • Marriage is ordained by God in scripture for the exclusive union between one man and one woman, for their mutual help and comfort.